Waste management is a universal program that require intervention of the regulatory organs in every nation. The universal waste management facilitates appropriate recycling and disposal mechanism.

The regulatory body categorize universal wastes as rechargeable batteries, mercury containing thermostat, fluorescent lamps which contain mercury, other devices like manometers and switches.

Are you using or involved in the transportation of the items/devices categorised as universal wastes? Then you are considered a handler. Handlers according to the Florida Regulation include: the person or institution who collect or receive the wastes, the institutions accumulating the wastes, the recyclers, and those involved in treatment and disposal.

The regulation therefore requires that you have clear understanding on Universal Waste. MedClean management Solution Inc upholds the regulations and ensure our customers who are handlers of universal waste understand the regulations surrounding the Universal waste.

The regulation provides that no waste handler should accumulate the waste for a duration longer than one year. The MedClean management Solution Inc therefore provides you an opportunity of keeping to this requirement by ensure your wastes are promptly collected and recycled.

Types of participants in Universal Waste System

If you fall in any of the categories, MedClean management Solution Inc provides you the opportunity of managing your wastes in a more professional manner that meets the requirement.

The categories include:

  • Small quantity handlers (SQH)
  • Large quantity handlers (LQH)
  • Universal waste transporters
  • Universal waste destination facilities

Small Quantity Handlers of Universal Wastes: Are you an institution that accumulate universal waste in small quantities that are less than 2,000 kgs of Lamp (8,000) or devices of 100kgs and less than 1 kg hazardous pharmaceutical waste for a duration of one year?  MedClean management Solution shall assist you manage the waste in a manner that is environmentally safe. We shall train you staff on handling universal waste and emergency procedures. The training shall also include accurate management of the records as stipulated in the regulation.

Large Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste: MedClean management Solution Inc also assist large institutions that accumulate more than 5000kgs of the universal waste or more than 1 kg of acute hazardous pharmaceutical waste. We shall train you staff on handling universal waste and emergency procedures. The training shall also include accurate management of the records as stipulated in the regulation.

Record of Universal Waste Transportation: The regulation requires that accurate records and documentation of the feight must be kept. The MedClean management Solution shall assist you comply to the regulation requirements and storage of the hazardous waste. Through our elaborate network we shall ensure your waste are transferred to the destination facilities within maximum of 10 days are stipulated in Chapter 62-737, Florida Administrative Code. The registration does not allow institutions to transport or handle universal waste lamps or devices destined for landfill or other disposal. The transportation or handling of universal waste lamps or devices destined for disposal is subject to our hazardous waste management regulations.

You should not allow your institution suffer penalties for bridging the regulations. The MedClean management Solution shall ensure professional handling of the Univeral Wastes and adherence to the Code.

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