Lead Foil Recycling:

Proper disposal of Lead prevents the community from poor neurological development and functions.

Lead is classified as one of toxic heavy metal that poses an environmental risk to both human and animals. Studies reveal the Lead affects neurological development and functions this make Lead be categorized as a hazardous waste.

Sources of Lead Waste

Lead wastes generate from various places and machines. In the Health Facilities, Lead is mostly generated from dental and X-ray units. The Lead wastes generated from the Dental X-ray offices include and not limited to foils, lead aprons, batteries, shields, and computers. Lead foils are normally used to protect the X-ray films while lead aprons are used by radiologists during patient X-rays for radiation protection. The batteries and several components of electronic machines like computers and analytical equipment used in the health facilities and homes also contain lead.

Lead is Hazardous

Are you using equipment that would expose you or your staff to Lead? Are you aware that Lead exposures are hazardous to your health? Lead is very toxic when taken in any form. The effects of lead exposures are long-term and the symptoms are exhibited after accumulation if the body over a long period of time. Lead poisoning may be exhibited as anemia, colic, paralysis of ankle and wrists, constipation and increased blood pressure among others. Lead may also lead to IQ deficiency especially in children.

MedClean Management Solution wishes to protect from the risks and terminal illnesses that result from Lead Exposure.

Complete Waste Compliance Program

MedClean Management Solutions Inc. has an elaborate environmentally friendly Lead recycling program of for the recycling of lead spent from X-ray films. We provide our clients with the UN/DOT approved safety containers where the used Lead foils are collected and stored before shipping back. The safety container well labels and come with a prepaid return shipping services.

MedClean provides you with very convenient and safe methods for management and disposal of Lead materials. The procedure involves segregation of the amalgam foil in a simple container. We also train your staff on the current legislations and the guidelines on Lead Waste Management and disposal.

Reduce and Recycle

The Lead foils, aprons, electronics, and shields, are a health hazard unless they are recycled or disposed of through environmentally sound methods by an authorized organization.

MedClean Management Solution Inc is licensed, insured and registered by both Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Florida Department of Health. We are therefore profiled to handle all the Medical and Biomedical waste in an environmentally safe manner that is compliant with the federal laws.

We provide you with the containers that the Dental Unit staff ensure all the used Lead products are collected and shipped to us for recycling.