Amalgam Recovery

Amalgam Recovery:

Welcome to MedClean Management Solutions your preferred dental Amalgam waste management solutions.

The Dental Amalgam is a combination of metals produced through mixing metals like copper powder, silver, zinc, and tin mixed with averagely 50% mercury. The amalgam is normally used in filling the teeth cavities.

The Amalgam wastes produced during dental processes are very hazardous and should be safely disposed of without endangering human and environment. Are you aware that during your dental processes, Amalgam particles may drop off or discarded end up in the water stream? MedClean Management Solutions provide you the opportunity to dispose of the Amalgam waste responsibly through an efficient Amalgam separator fitted in your unit to reduce chances of any hazardous discharge. We offer solutions relevant for both large and small facilities such as dentists, clinics, and pharmacists using world class equipment.

What Produces Amalgam Waste

Be watchful when handling the following which has the potential of releasing Amalgam into the environment. The Amalgam waste are common in various locations in dental including:

  • Empty Amalgam Capsules
  • Chair side trap
  • Spent amalgam removed from the teeth
  • Vacuum trap container

Do not worry about the disposal of the Amalgam, MedClean takes up your burden of Amalgam management and disposal. We give your chance of working with highly trained experts who have the skills of resolving even the most challenging mercury disposal problems. We shall handle the waste by providing you with the UN approved safety containers where the Amalgam waste shall be collected then shipped through the pre-paid shipping arrangement.

Best Practices in Amalgam Waste Management

MedClean Management Solution Inc has up to the game on management and disposal of the Amalgam Wastes, we ensure our client meet the compliance standard set by the American Dental Association (ADA). We provide you with environmentally friendly solutions which include the use of state of the art Separators, collection devices. The equipment is installed in your Dental facility to capture and remove the Amalgam particle before they enter the sewer system. The separator function through the principle of sedimentation containing no moving or electronics parts. The separators facilitate recycling and reduce the amount of Amalgam containing Mercury being released into water and sewer.

As a member of the American Dental Association, you are required to employ prudent management of Amalgam wastes. MedClean shall link you with her consultants who shall help you design Amalgam waste management systems that fit your facility needs provide you with can assist you create the best system the fits your needs and meet the required compliance standard at very competitive prices.

Amalgam Waste management guideline

MedClean Management Solutions empowers her client to follow the following safety guidelines in handling Amalgam wastes:

  • Avoid rinsing the vacuum screens, chairside traps,and separator on the sink or sanitary connection
  • Store and manage the amalgam waste according to our stipulated recycling guide
  • Avoid the use of bleach or disinfectant to disinfect the vacuum system
  • Ensure all the staff working in the dental unit are trained in proper handling and disposal of the amalgam waste