Osha Training Courses


Training Courses Offered by OSHA

Intro to Our Training

At MedClean we don’t just dispose your medical waste for you. Our management seeks to not only clean the environment and protect it but to also make sure that other people apart from our workforce know how to do it. That is why we offer training to people. We also make sure that it is compliance with the laws of the country and medical disposal waste methods.

What We Actually Do

Contrary to what other medical waste disposal companies do, we at MedClean, make sure that what is taught is in line with health professionals and what they do. The training and resources are oriented and specially designed and planned to be for their industry and services that they provide.


What We Hope to Achieve

We are aiming to keep our work in compliance with the standards and regulations set for us. The training is simple in nature, affordable and understandable to all. While doing it, we also ensure that resources are saved and well utilized. We also ensure that the compliance to federal and local rules is paramount. The process is kept as informative as possible and at the same not over complicated.

Provision of Tools

When helping you to comply with the laws set, we ensure that we provide tools on monthly subscription for all features. We help with medical compliance, safety plans and management of talent. In this way, we not only provide the services but teach you how to do it in an easy affordable way.

Technological Capabilities and World-Class Content

MedTrainer contains all the features that make a great service provision method. Partnering MedClean and MedTrainer, creates a powerful way of making the whole process easier and more effective. The technology involved, the workforce and the methods used are all built from the ground up and then finalized to cover all loopholes and make sure you get what you deserve.

MedTrainer is compatible on all computer systems, I-Pads, I-phones and smart devices. This enables the users to be comfortable as they can use the devices that they are familiar with. The interface is not complicated and the content is world-class.

Compliance with Laws

As we so constantly keep on reminding you, we place a great emphasis on compliance with laws stipulated by OSHA, HIPAA, and Human Resources among other organizations. If these rules and regulations were to be ignored, we would have environmental disasters caused by medical waste which if left unchecked is potent to the environment. It is why we chose to ensure that our training is top-notch and world-class.