Sharps Disposal Management

Sharps Disposal Management

Sharps Disposal Management

The CDC estimates that more than 800,000 accidental needle sticks occur annually among healthcare employees. MedClean is committed to helping keep people safe from accidental needle sticks through our sharps disposal services. We provide sharps disposal services, sharps disposal bins and sharps mail back kits to meet the varied needs of hospitals, healthcare clinics, physicians, dentists, veterinarians and patients who rely on needles to administer life-saving medicines.

Because our containers will be used more than once, they are made with added plastic, resulting in greater puncture resistance. By eliminating the purchase and disposal of the container, millions of pounds of plastic will never reach our landfills!

Our reusable program provides a safe, economical alternative to disposable sharps containers.
Saves on containers, storage, and disposal costs and labor
Reduces needle stick incidents
Eliminates plastic disposable sharps containers from your waste stream

OSHA position

OSHA agrees it is acceptable to reuse sharps containers for sharps disposal (disposable and reusable) as long as containers have received 510K clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and also meet OSHA requirements under the Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. There are similar requirements from both FDA and OSHA for sharps disposal containers, including:

  • closable, puncture resistant, leak proof
  • appropriately labeled and color-coded
  • designed with an opening that is large enough to accommodate disposal of an entire blood collection assembly (i.e., blood tube holder and needle)
  • easily accessible to the immediate area where sharps are used
  • easily portable if employees travel from one location to another

Reusable sharps containers should never be opened, emptied or cleaned manually or in any other manner than would expose workers to percutaneous injuries or blood. Reusable sharps containers are transported within the facility and often stored while awaiting pick-up by outside company. As such, the containers must be leak proof. Facilities that wish to use reusable sharps disposal containers and systems should evaluate the quality and reliability of the company’s processes used to transport and reprocesses the containers.

NIOSH guidance

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) published guidance on use of sharps disposal containers in 1998. It contains detailed descriptions of performance criteria for evaluating containers, components of a site-specific hazard analysis, a flowchart describing the decision logic for selecting a disposable or reusable container, formulas for determining appropriate height of container for fixed installation, and pertinent regulatory requirements.

Selecting, Evaluating, and Using Sharps Disposal Containers. NIOSH, Publications Dissemination, 4676 Columbia Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 4522.

The complete document may be downloaded at the following Website; go to “topics” and “health care workers” or call 202.898.3444 or 800.356.4674.


Containers designed to fit your unique needs

MedClean’s Reusable Sharps containers are designed by members in the healthcare community.  The service offers five container sizes (3, 10, and 17 gallon) and four lid types (straight drop, mail box drop, torturous path, and lab lid) to meet all situations presented in the hospital environment.

MedClean proprietary sharps container service and dedicated associates gives us the opportunity to offer customized programs to fit the unique needs of your facility.

Sharps Disposal Programs for Hospitals
The MedClean Sharps Management Service combines safety, convenience and environmental responsibility. Our specially-designed reusable sharps containers not only reduces the risk of needle sticks for healthcare system employees, but also prevents thousands of tons of plastic and corrugated material from accumulating in landfills. In addition, MedClean sharps disposal services are available for a fixed monthly rate, making them more cost-efficient than most disposable container systems.

Sharps Disposal for Clinics, Private Practices and Other Businesses
For clinics, medical and dental offices, and other businesses that generate used needles and syringes, we offer a complete line of sharps disposal containers for all specialties and offices of all sizes. For doctors’ offices and businesses that generate a small volume of used sharps, we have a professional sharps mail back program.

Needle Disposal for Home Sharps Users
if you treat conditions such as diabetes, arthritis and cancer at home and need to dispose of used needles, MedClean offers an individual sharps disposal mail back program specifically designed for your needs.


MedClean Management Solutions, Inc. collects, transports, processes and dispose of regulated medical waste utilizing state-of-art technology, best management practices and permitted/licensed facilities and transport equipment. Services are delivered on client convenient schedules by polite and courteous uniformed service technicians.

Medical Waste and Reusable Sharps Containers Solutions

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