Biomedical Waste Management product and services

Biomedical Waste Management product and services

banner_Mission_Vision_CommittedWe offer a complete package of Medical Waste Management product and services:

  • Medical  Waste
  • X-Ray
  • Pathological  Waste
  • Chemotherapy   Waste
  • Sharp  Containers
  • Reusable Sharp Container
  • Dental Waste Containers
  • Amalgam Waste
  • Tooth  Box
  • Lead  Foils
  • Pharmaceutical  Returns
  • Document  Shredding Service


MedClean Management Solutions Inc. offers flexible service agreements and a fixed flat rate that will never change unless you want to upgrade or minimize your service. We understand that you require reliable and proficient medical waste collection at reasonable prices. It is no coincidence that MedClean  is the solution to all of your biomedical transport needs:

“It’s in the name!” 

“It is in this moment you have the power to be the solution”
lleana Kane, The Business of Customer Experience.

Don’t get burned by your existing medical waste collection

It is time for a change

   As a generator of medical waste, make sure that you hire a company that is dependable. MedClean Management Solutions can be called on at any time for dealing with waste and TCEQ compliance. Immediate response to medically hazardous waste is the safe and responsible way to protect you, your clients, and facilities. Remember, a medical waste collection company that does not respond when you call can be detrimental to the overall well being of your business and the health of the community.

When it comes to Service you really do have a choice! Call today for your Quote

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