Amalgam Waste

Recycling Services for Dental Offices

Dental waste disposal and recycling

MedClean offers a complete line of waste containers specifically designed for the proper hygienic disposal and recycling of dental wastes, including amalgam, lead foils, and extracted teeth.

Our waste collection containers are UN/DOT approved, turnkey solutions for busy dental practices. When you order the containers you need from your authorized MedClean Distributor each container arrives with its own postage-paid return shipping label. When your container is full, place the container in the box it came in, affix the pre-paid shipping label supplied with your container, and your courier will pick it up and ship it back to Medentex, where the contents will be recycled.rcury vapor, a toxic health hazard

Amalgam waste from dental practices consists of amalgam residue, used filter screens, empty amalgam capsules and slurry. Mercury vapors are also released from used amalgam capsules due to the mercury remaining in the capsules. The release of mercury vapors from amalgam waste depends on the size of the surface of the particle, and can be significant for large quantities of small particles.

During the many months from when it is collected until it is recycled, the collection containers may be opened several times a day, exposing office staff to toxic mercury vapors.

Mercury vapor is highly toxic to humans and animals and is readily absorbed into body tissues when inhaled.

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