1.What Is MedClean?

MedClean is a medical waste management organization that has been in place for over 10years.At MedClean, we have specialized in the management of waste products coming from health services companies or providers.

Over the last 10years, we have provided a number services with our goals being to provide a friendly, clean and secure environment for our customers. As a result of our various programs on waste management, we have helped hospitals and clinics in various states control and manage waste.

2. What Is Medical Waste?

It might sound difficult to answer such a question but here is all you need to know. When we talk about medical waste, we are referring to a number of waste products. However, this will mainly consist of any waste containing body fluids, blood and (OPIM) other potentially infectious material.

Here are some examples of the medical wastes we are referring to.

  • Dressing materials
  • Cotton balls
  • Band aids
  • Contaminated sharps
  • Surgical gauze and sponges
  • Catheters
  • Disposable speculum
  • Specimen containers
  • Drapes
  • Laboratory specimen
  • Body parts
  • Surface coverings
  • Disposable PPE
  • Test kits

Urine, feces and vomits are also considered medical wastes if contaminated with any blood. You should also note that these are just a few examples.

3. What Is The Liability For A Generator Of Medical Waste?

 Any medical waste that is within the employer’s facility is governed by the OSHA regulations. Hence, upon signing of the manifest, MedClean assumes all the responsibility. This involves both transportation and waste destruction.

4.What Are Some of the Agencies That Govern Medical Waste?

Immediately the waste is outside your facility, it gets under the jurisdiction of DOT, EPA, State and the Local Authorities. However, the waste generator will be liable of the waste up to the time he/she has received proof (Manifest) showing that the waste has already been disposed properly.

5.What Is The Meaning Of Pick-up Schedule?

Your pick-up is always our pick-up schedule. Immediately you contract us for transport of medical waste, our team of specialist will start working with you for the purpose of determining a manner that is best for you and cost-effective.

6.Can my staff receive training in compliant with OSHA blood borne Pathogens Standards 29 CFR 1910.1030 as per federal law?

 We offer a number of training including compliance training. Contact us today for information.