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There are over 186,000 practicing dentists nationwide.

Our Programs for the Dental Area

At MedClean, we offer services that are geared towards ensuring that all medical areas are covered in terms of waste management and other services that will ensure safety and smooth learning of these facilities without the fear of anything.

As long as the medical area in concerned, there are very many things that require fixing. The whole area also requires enough care from the personnel working. There has been several cases where workers in a dental facility are not able to comply with all the regulations and standards set aside. This is the reason why MedClean we are here.


There is a very huge number of dentists operating all over the world. However, there are common factors or issues among all these dentists. Whether you are working in a public or a private medical facility is your obligation to oral hygiene services to all people. This means that you have to deal with all type of people. Whether young or old.

In relation to the type of services dentists offer, they are required to be mastering the regulatory compliance. These personnel should also be conversant with the training on safety as well as meeting the standards set by OSHA.

Our Services Dentists

At MedClean we strive to offer the best services to the densists.To ensure that, we offer both learning management services as well as the best training content in the dental industry. Our training services and content ensure that there learning in both unique areas and those that are in relation to dental health worker’s needs.

The MedTrainer’s program ensures that there is complete regulatory compliance by exposing the trainees to true scenarios and examples that act as a reflection of their workplace environment.

It is clear that of one is subjected to real life events or cases applicable to his/her area, then he/she is able to grab the right information that becomes beneficial in future. This exactly what we are doing with our dental health workers.

Our programs are helping dental staff identify and avoid possible risks and dangers at their workplace. At MedClean, we accomplish this by providing the best medical training on regulatory and safety.

Here are some of the courses available for our clients in the dental sector. They include:

  • Hazard communication
  • Handling of blood borne pathogens. This ensures that safety is maintained when handling these type of materials
  • OSHA

MedClean goes further to provide training on other topics that are relevant in the dental sector. Topics that will ensure capacity building among dentists.