“We save Millions of people every single day from injuries and infectious diseases through prudent Medical and Biomedical Waste Management Solutions.
Proper Medical Waste Management eliminates the danger of exposure through compliance and best practices each day to protect our community.”


MedClean Management Solutions Inc. was founded by Hector L Diaz in 2003 to provide quality and affordable Medical Waste Management solution for the hospital, doctor offices and other institutions handling biohazard wastes. MedClean has progressively grown to provide varied affordable world standard Medical and Biomedical waste management and disposal services with compliance to the state regulations. We are committed to responding tour clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations through comprehensive and responsive service delivery. We are responsible for satisfying our shareholders, employees, and community


To facilitate the provision of world standards Medical and Biomedical Waste Management and disposal service at competitive prices while reducing the risk of exposure through compliance to regulations and upholding best practices.

We are committed to providing comprehensive environmentally sound services at very competitive prices. We acknowledge our client’s business environment and are committed to prompt services with dedication and respect.

Core values

Our mission is achieved through honest hard work, professionalism, integrity, safety and an uncompromising commitment to the community and environmental conservation

Leadership and Governance

MedClean is governed by a team of highly professional Board of Directors. The highly qualified Business Executive and Founder Hector L Diaz serves the Board as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Message from the President

Dear our Esteemed Customer,

My name is Hector L Diaz, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MedClean Management Solutions Inc. I founded this institution in 2003 with the vision of meeting the great need of our Health Care Facilities and other institution handling Biohazardous wastes. My commitment is to meet all your Medical waste management needs at very competitive price. I appreciate the commitment of our customers, stakeholders, and shareholders for your unwavering support. My management is committed to providing quality affordable services. We keep to comply with regulations and statutes of our state and meet the needs of our changing market.

Business Focus

Our focus is to be the prime provider of Medical and Biomedical Waste Management company in American. We are committed to being the most preferred service provider in this area that makes an honest profit. We look forward to providing our shareholders with outstanding value for money and reinvest our resources to strengthen and grow our company. We value our employees and appreciate their invaluable effort to make the company succeed and recognize as our greatest assets. We are devoted to providing fair compensation, benefits, and a safe professional growth.

Where we are

We have expanded our services significantly through integrated Medical Waste Management and Disposal with varied specialized solutions.

Our services are available in the following states

  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • Ohio
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Tennessee
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Kentucky
  • West Virginia
  • Oklahoma