You have reached the MedClean Management Solutions your leading Medical Waste Disposal Company.

We guarantee efficient safe waste management of your Medical Waste in compliance with the set regulations. We are not just Medical Waste professionals, we provide our customer with world class standard solutions of medical waste management and compliance needs at very competitive prices. We build the capacity of our clients to adopt a simple affordable and comprehensive medical waste management that guarantee their safety and create a safe and protected environment.

Eliminate Inefficiencies and Minimise Costs

Is your Hospitals administration spend time and resources in managing their wastes? Are your staffs and client vulnerable to the risk of infection due to poor waste management? Despite the health personnel knowledge of separating the infectious, non-infectious wastes in different packages, the everyday hustle and bustle of patients care normally make even the trained staff miss-categorize the wastes which may either lead to hospital exposing her staff and client to health hazards or risk legal penalties by the state. We shall help you develop and execute a comprehensive waste management program that fits your facility needs.

The Medical Waste generated by health facilities are varied ranging from materials (used needles, slides, and syringes) to soiled dressings, body parts, diagnostic samples, blood, substances, drugs, devices and radioactive materials. You do not need to contract different service provider to manage unique categories which in the long run lead to inefficiencies. We invite you to a premium comprehensive medical waste management at affordable costs.

The outsourcing of services make you more effective and meet the needs of your patients leading to high returns. Why are you wasting time and money struggling to manage your medical waste? MedClean management Solution Inc. shall provide you world class services and also train your medical staff. We offer an integrated waste management solution that will include provision of the safety boxes, which we pick regularly and dispose safely at convenient regional facilities

When you contract us to manage and dispose of your waste problem, the MedClean team specialists shall work very closely with your staff to establish the most cost effective way and schedule that fit your facility. MedClean provides ideal solutions for both large and small hospitals, outpatient facilities, doctor’s offices and other bio-hazard institutions with affordable services that reduce exposure to future liability as well.

We take full responsibility for medical and biomedical waste immediately we pick it from your facility. The saves you the burden of identifying the disposal mechanism and saving the problem resurfacing.

Health Hazard

Poor management of medical and biomedical wastes exposes the health personnel, waste handlers, patients and community to injuries, toxic effects, infection and environmental pollution. It is, therefore, crucial that all medical waste materials are segregated at the generation or treatment point then appropriately treated before safely disposed of.

Our Philosophy

Quick turnaround time in Medical Waste Management saves the facility staff client and community. Medical and biomedical Wastes should not be stored for longer than 30 days from the day of you put medical waste in the box. MedClean will service your waste box within a cycle of fewer than 28 days to ensure your facility is in compliance with the state regulation. We shall provide your facility with free safety boxes for your Medical Waste to reduce risk associated with the potentiality infectious diseases.


MedClean is a legal entity licensed, insured and registered with both Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Florida Department of Health. The two institution provide us with authority to provide Medical and Biomedical Waste management and transportation in Texas and Florida states. Our registration allows us to operate in other states and cities including Kentucky, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Michigan, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina.
Our integrated Medical Waste Management and Disposal

  • Biomedical waste
  • Xray
  • Pathological Waste
  • Chemotherapy waste
  • Amalgam waste mail Back Program
  • Mercury device  mail Back Program
  • Tooth box Mail Back Program
  • ‘Lead Foils Mail Back Program
  • Pharmaceutical Returns Mail Back Program

Our offer

MedClean Management Solution offers you a complete package of medical waste management products and services. We provide you with all under one roof services of Medical Waste management and disposal. We care about all your medical waste problems needs and eliminate the need of buying disposal equipment and containers. You shall receive  safe convenient reusable/disposable safety boxes to store waste which we pick within a schedule the make economic sense.

Our services are flexible to meet your need we can also provide a one-time pickup service, which is arranged by our courteous, professional and dedicated truck drivers all at very competitive prices

Commission for every Referral

Our services are open to all. Referring  at least three (3) clients to benefit the services shall earn you a discount of up to 30% on all your Medical Waste Management requirement for 3 months so long as the referral result into a new client.