Welcome to Medclean Management Solution the compliance leader in Biomedical Waste Disposal.

Why waste time and money managing your own medical and special waste when MedClean Management Solutions, Inc. can do the best job for you? We offer a total waste management solution that we will pick up your waste on a regular basis, transport it and dispose of it safely at convenient, regional facilities.

When you contract with us to transport and dispose of your problem waste, our MedClean team specialists work together with you to determine the most cost-effective manner and schedule for you, the customers. There are no rigid pick-up schedules. You determine the level of service you need. MedClean provides an ideal solution for both large and small facilities, allowing hospitals, outpatient care facilities, doctor’s offices and other bio-hazard and special waste generators to more effectively manage their waste while reducing exposure to future liability as well. We assume full responsibility for all waste the minute it leaves your facility, effectively putting an end to today’s waste management problems, while keeping them from resurfacing tomorrow. This effective solution could not be easier.

We provide you with safe, convenient, reusable or disposable containers, as needed, to store your waste and then return to pick it up on a schedule that makes economic sense. Daily, weekly, Bi-weekly or Bi-monthly monthly, Quarterly, On Call service can be arranged using our courteous, professional drivers and dedicated trucks.

Committed To Providing Healthcare Facilities With Superior Service. We are your all in one bio medical waste solution experts.

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Overview of Waste Containers

  • Bio-hazard bags and Boxes
  • Sharps Containers
  • Reusable Containers
  • Confidential Document Containers
  • Medical Waste Containers
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